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      Made in Minnesota, these poly/spandex headbands are 4" in width with a tapered back which allows for a narrow or wide fit - you pick how to wear it!  Machine washable (line dry), lightweight, and one size fit most.

      The fabric is the perfect combination of a sweat-wicking, breathable 4-way stretch fabric that keeps the headband in place.  

      Perfect for workouts, athletic events, and keeping your hair and sweat out of your eyes.  Each headband is custom designed and printed for MiLi-Life.  Wear them for extra warmth under your winter hats or under your motorcycle helmets to combat flyaway hair.

      FOR FACEMASKS: For ease of use with facemasks, try our headbands with hand-sewn buttons or removable buttons.

      There may be slight variations in the patterns (due to the cutting process) or color (due to photography lighting).

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