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      Hi, my name is Micki, and before I tell you how I got here, I have to preface my love for headbands with one of my very first Instagram posts, which simply states "I Love Headbands"... that was November 14, 2018.

      MiLi Life is based out of Ramsey, Minnesota.  I am always wearing headbands, whether working out, boating, or just because. One day someone asked me where I was buying them.  That day was my ah-ha moment.  Why was I not making my own headbands with my own favorite colors and designs?  

      That is when MiLi Life was born - it started as an idea create by two sisters, Micki and Lisa, that had a love for headbands.  We combined our two names to create the perfect brand and logo.  Lisa was my driving force and champion.  Though a thousand miles away in Arizona, she is still my go-to for opinions, inspiration, and encouragement.

      With my team's help, we honed in on a design that keeps your headband in place, is functional, fashionable and does not give you a headache. We found materials with the perfect combination of polyester and Lycra that keeps the sweat out of your eyes and keeps you cool and comfortable - not to mention, they are fashion forward!  Through our trial and error process, we believe we have come up with the perfect headband.  MiLi Life ran a test launch in the summer of 2019, with more success than we could have imagined.  With a little feed back from our customers, trial and error with fabrics and sourcing, MiLi Life was ready to launch into a full business. 

      Enter my husband, Paul Duerre, AKA my Mr. 10.  He is my partner in life and is a tremendous help with this business (despite running his own canvas business).  A sewer by trade, he helped scale MiLi Life to ensure it was ready for launch.

      We will continue to strive for the perfect headband, materials, and designs.  In the future we hope to continue to expand and bring you more product lines.  In the meantime, our goal is to simply sell headbands. 

      At the end of the day, we can't take this business with us, and it is up to us to teach and empower the next generation how to be successful and passionate about business.  This is just the beginning.  Follow our blog for more content on the life and story behind MiLi.

      What's Your Story?

       Blog:  https://mili-life.myshopify.com/admin/blogs/48704094311/articles/385130725479 

      Micki Duerre - MiLi Life Founder
      MickI and Paul Duerre - MiLi Life Founders